Promo Tools

Fresh, catchy promos are the blood of your business, and ours as well. We realize the importance of this and therefore we never stop delivering better, more efficient promo tools. HuntersCash stays in the forefront of affiliate technology adding newest promo types as soon as they hit the market. Check the list of promo tools we currently have on board:

Free Hosted FLVs , Embedded FLVs

One of the most popular and powerful promo tools for various types of websites. Give your surfers a tempting preview of what awaits them inside and they will be craving to see more:/p>

  • Free Hosted FLVs

    These are for tube site owners. We offer our hosted FLVs with multiple descriptions and thumbnails of multiple sizes. You can customize the way visitors are sent to our site, e.g. when they click player controls.
  • Embedded FLVs

    These are perfect for tube sites and other sites as well. They also have a galaxy of customizable parameters to send your conversions through the roof.

Movie and Picture FHGs , Flash-based FHGs , Mixed FHGs

Choose from three types of our professionally designed eye-catching Free Hosted Galleries and attract high quality traffic on a constant basis:

  • Movie and Picture FHGs

    These have been around for a while, and they are always efficient. We try to make ours as catchy as possible, and we never stop updating our selection. All our Movie and Picture FHGs are supplied with multiple descriptions and hand-cropped thumbnails in a range of sizes.
  • Flash-based FHGs

    Another killer tool with tons of settings which help improve your CTR and ratios.
  • Mixed FHGs

    Super catchy, super popular galleries surfers rave about. These combine pictures, Flash videos and downloadable movies. Visitors go wild about all the preview opportunities and are easily turned into willing, happy buyers.

Morphing RSS Feeds , Free Hosted Morphing Blog

Powerful promo tools for blog writers and blog owners that allow you to get the maximum out of your blog traffic with less extra post-setup work:

  • Morphing RSS Feeds

    The ultimate weapon for blog site owners. Every webmaster gets a unique morphed feed with unique text content. The feed offers daily updates.
  • Free Hosted Morphing Blog

    Always wanted to launch a daily updated blog of your own but never had the time? HuntersCash got it done for you.

Banners and buttons , FPAs and HPAs , Texts and Reviews

A great variety of choices with pretty much every Ad type and format you might need for a successful promo campaign:

  • Banners and buttons

    We always add new banners. Upload these to your server or hotlink from ours. All banners feature hand-chosen moments from our massive content collection, hot as hell and selling like hotcakes.
  • FPA and HPA

    Provide as much information about our product as possible with these tools. We aim at maximum clickthrough and detailed marketing message. Our varied modules will suit any design you may have.
  • Texts and Reviews

    We also got you covered in the text field. People love reading, so get them hooked with our range of marketing texts. We also offer objective, fair reviews of our sites which turn your visitors into conscious buyers. Remember, our FHGs and FLVs also come with descriptions of multiple lengths.

Handy Export Tool , Direct Export Link , RSS Promos

HuntersCash team brings you even more highly effective promo tools with well-known and exclusive features to help you earn more together with us:

  • Handy Export Tool

    Our fully customizable promo export interface will let you have a list of promos in your desired format. Select promo type, description length, thumbnail size, set up output options, and there you go.
  • Direct Export Link

    To grab the freshest promos, you don't have to check the webmasters area every day. Just use our export tool once, and you will have your direct export link. With it, you will get all the newest promos instantly and in your chosen format.
  • RSS Promos

    If you find getting your promos via RSS more convenient, we got it set up for you. The flexibility of RSS features is the same as with direct exporting.