Linking & Pricing

Make more money by customizing price offers! With HuntersCash you can manage your links, enable or disable trials, adjust prices, choose tours or campaigns with just a couple of clicks. We offer maximum flexibility and powerful customization features which let you capitalize on your traffic in the smartest possible way. After all, it's you who knows your traffic best. Be flexible about monetizing your sites and make unique offers to the surfers putting yourself way ahead of the competition. HuntersCash is all about maximum flexibility and advanced features which improve your affiliate experience and result in higher profits for you and more customer satisfaction for your visitors. Check out our current features below and never hesitate to contact us if you think anything else should be added.

Trial/No Trial Tours

You decide whether your visitors get trial or non-trial offers. All our tours are console-free, surfer-friendly. This holds firm either with trials or without them. Experiment to find out how good the trial offers look to your visitors and how willing they are to convert them into full memberships. With the flexibility of trials you can make the most money from your traffic.

Customizable Tours

Choose any of our multiple tours which suits your traffic best or use Build Your Own Tour tool to create a custom tour with content from our members areas. You can also allow your tour to be used by other webmasters and make money from that. Thus you can make unique offers to your visitors and stand apart from the competition. Generate loyal customers right away!

Rotating Tours

Link to separate tours and to our tour-rotating script. Experience shows this drives the sales up noticeably. With this feature you can diversify your offers and create a unique viewing experience keeping the surfers entertained, satisfied and happy to pay. Boost your profits by decreasing single tour exposure and making your offers look fresh and exciting.

Custom Pricing

Use any of the pre-designed pricing schemes or create your own ones. This includes trial and sign up prices as well as rebills. This is unprecedented pricing freedom and marketing efficiency! We realize you are the one in control of your traffic so why don't you balance supply and demand yourself? You know your traffic, you know our sites, so logically it should be you who sets the prices. Try and squeeze the most out of your flow of visitors with our custom prices.


Manage your links in a smarter way with Campaigns. Create unique campaigns with custom trial, tour and pricing settings. Give the campaign a unique name and check detailed individual campaign stats whenever you want to. This is already becoming the industry standard feature and we feel it will improve your affiliate experience here at HuntersCash. Campaigns are a great addition to our other features. They make your workflow so much more organized and transparent.